Life of an Academic

In Blog on May 21, 2012 at 8:03 pm

I spent a bit of today after I got home from my internship being productive.

I updated my LinkedIn profile and filled out my weekly progress reports for my internship class.

I reflected — to myself, of course — about how great it was to feel less pressure now that the GRE’s over and because I lack a Summer A class.

I’ve just been internin’ and then filling out my duties at the paper/station(s)/website. And, between all that, I’ve had so much free time.

Last Monday, I posted a video called “My Parents Didn’t Send Me to College to Become an Academic.”

I’m so happy that video’s out in the world. Ever since reading The Marriage Plot, all I can think about is the life of an academic.

This video gives you some insight into the thought process of an academic life versus a professional life — as seen through me, of course. I also touch on some ideology in it, but I didn’t let myself delve too much into that.

That can be for another time or never at all.

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