Alive and Unwatched

In Blog on May 6, 2012 at 8:39 pm

I’ve been indulging in Daily Grace videos all day, and I ain’t mad at myself for it.

I think it’s incredible how she can make five videos a week and somehow still remain sane and, of course, hilarious.

I’m sure it being the source of her ability to, you know, eat and pay rent plays a tiny role.

As much as YouTube is a fun hobby, I doubt I could ever do it full time. And, even for the creators whose content suits an audience that doesn’t include me, I can respect that people get to make it their primary source of income and a way to fully support four-children families.

But none of this is new. The video I posted yesterday is new, though.

Oh, it didn’t show up on your subscription list? This could’ve been due to the feature on YouTube’s homepage for users that gives the choice of viewing just “Highlights” of subscriptions or “Everything.”

The conversation about this feature has appeared numerous times on Tumblr recently, and Kayley found that, mainly, it’s only useful to click “Everything” when a subscription uploads multiple videos.

Well, that was the mistake I made. I uploaded two videos yesterday, a main video called “Print Isn’t Dead” and an unlisted video that I recorded in March — a response to Margaret’s tagging me (and subsequently Sarah’s and Laura’s).

I originally was going to upload the tagged video on Thursday or Friday as unlisted, but I didn’t get around to editing until Saturday morning. Mainly because I was finishing up my reading of The Marriage Plot.

In any case, the new video’s up, regardless, and, as always, available for discussion.

In life news, I start my summer internship tomorrow. I’m excited to build up my graphic design portfolio for the inevitable page designer/copy editor jobs for which I’ll start applying in the fall.

I mean, someone’s gotta know AP style AND be overly handy with InDesign, don’tcha think?


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