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My friend Beca related a story to me when I was just 18 about her motive behind involving herself in our university’s newspaper.

She said she talked with one of her friends about how she wasn’t writing but still wanted a job upon graduation. Her friend replied to her with these famous — in my head — words: “All of that notwriting is really going to help you get a job.”

So she then immediately started contributing more to the newspaper before eventually become its grand features editor. The same year she served as features editor — and that I, at that very young age, was copy editor — our paper was nominated for the highest national award it could get.

We must’ve been doing something right.

I should also note that my wordsmith friend has interned at a major music/arts magazine — during the time that it went completely online — and a small media company called National Public Radio. Have you heard it?

I had to talkin’ to Beca yesterday afternoon on GChat, and I told her about how I wanted to snag an internship at some online media corporation because that’s what I could imagine myself doing that wasn’t, you know, a career in which I end up in suburban monotony.

She said I needed to blog, blog, blog, if I wanted an internship of that caliber. And you can definitely guess what I thought to myself then:

“All of this notblogging is really going to help me get a blogging job.”

So, it’s time to restart my @ryedth blog and get back to posting videos on YouTube.

I have the expectation that not too many people will come here to read these, so that really takes off the pressure. WAHOO. I know I wanted to post more during the summer, but, besides being extremely busy, I was nervous people would think what I was doing on my blog was annoying/contradictory/unimportant, but now I really don’t care about those things — thanks to one of my brilliant classes/professors this semester.

In a notunusual occurrence, during a talk with myself this morning, I negotiated — with myself, mind you — how I would structure this blog and about what topics I would write. But during the writing process, I realized that I enjoyed blogging when I didn’t have an audience and was just writing for myself. I’m pretty sure I learned many of my writing skills throughout middle school from keeping a blog.

So, it’s time to revamp. I always have to revamp blogs, but that’s when blogging was diary-like and the thought of it turning into a career seemed foolish.

I’m ready to write, Internet, about social media, about English grammar and about the journalistic world. Oh, that’s pretty much all of the topics I’ll be covering, but I think people enjoy those things, and I’ll try to vary it up enough to make it interesting. But again, I’m probably going to be the only one seeing this, so it really doesn’t matter.

I have no set schedule, but it needs to be frequently. I think a couple of folks subscribed during the BEDA days, and I don’t want to bog down their email inboxes with notifications because I’m sort of considering getting to the point where I’m posting several times each day.

We’ll see how it goes.

And to whoever is coming along on this escapade with me: You’re brilliant, and I’ll try to make this one fun.

  1. Looking forward to whatever you put up, Ryan! 🙂

  2. Blog it up, dude. Blog. It. Up.

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