In Repair

In BEDA 2011 on April 17, 2011 at 10:41 pm

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks because the light on my ceiling fan blew out, and I’ve spent most of my events with lamp-light or just in darkness.

This is an odd thing to say, but I think subconsciously (Google Chrome is giving me the worst time with this word. Finally got it right.), I don’t appreciate light bulbs enough.

And I know I’m that kid who vlogs about sandwiches and blogs about unappreciating light bulbs, but I think they’re an important asset.

I think that if this were December or November, I would be at such a loss without my ceiling light working, but I’m fortunate that it’s after Daylight Savings Time started, so I can deal with the lack of fake light.

I’m also just thinking how grateful I should be that normal hardware works when it does.

Early this school year, I had a major freakout because my apartment’s Internet wasn’t working, and I had no clue where the box was to make it work. I finally found it, and let’s just say, my life enhanced after that.

Every morning I wake up, my computer works, my printer prints, my door unlocks and re-locks, my faucet water cleans my dishes, my refrigerator runs perfectly.

I think we’ve become so used to the technology — both electrical and nonelectrical — to work perfectly every time we use it that it’s hard for us to reaccustom ourselves to life without it.

What if I woke up one day and couldn’t unlock my door to leave my room? What would I do?

I’m a really big fan of appreciating the small things, and I think that often time we love the bigs things and we want more and newer things that we forget that we have enough that could fail in our lives already — so what’s the point of the extra hardware?

I hope that my light gets fixed soon because I’m leaving this apartment soon, but I think I’ve marked this time in my life as a time wherein I only had my lamp light to shine through my life from 8 p.m. until whenever I went to sleep/decide to go pitch dark.

And, with this final sentence, I turn my lamp off and wish you all a very wonderful night.



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