Places I’ve Been: Part II

In BEDA 2011 on April 16, 2011 at 10:37 pm

I read a comment that suggested I do the second part of this series for today’s blog post, so here it is! Today, I’m focusing on trips I’ve taken because of my involvement with my university’s newspaper.

In chronological order, we have:

1. Austin, Texas
The city of music. When I went, the only show that I wanted to attend was Owl City at Emo’s. I didn’t go, and then I couldn’t go when they came to my city a couple of months later, but music still played a large part of my Austin experience. Of course there were the amazing seminars and workshops and networking, but for me, a large part of it was hanging out with my fellow staff members. We spent Halloween in Austin, and wow, that city IS weird. I dressed up as Seal, and my friend Kim dressed up as Heidi Klum — pregnant belly and everything. She was 21 at the time, so people questioned her drinking with a pregnant stomach. The editor-in-chief at the time splurged on a really nice hotel that was only a couple of blocks from famous Sixth Street — basically the bar, club and live music district in downtown Austin. One afternoon while there were no seminars pertinent to our interests, a couple of my fellow staffers — and one of their roommates, who wanted to check out Austin while we were all there — trekked around downtown. We went to the local arts museum, slept on the capitol green and even found a good burger and wing joint. The night before that, two staffers and I walked to the bridge at dusk to see the beautiful bat exhibition. It goes on for a long time but not long enough, and the bats just cascade the pink-yellow, sunset sky.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada
I went her for a Society of Professional Journalists national conference, and I learned a lot. I also had fun staying at Planet Hollywood on the strip and exploring it, too. If you watch my videos, I made this one in response to my time in Vegas, and I originally wanted it to be my Thoughts from Places contribution.  While it was a fun time, I really couldn’t enjoy too much of it because I was 19 and because I all of a sudden missed being in front of a computer screen. I learned during that trip that, while staying inside all the time and spending too much time on Internet is fun, I need to balance online time with IRL time. I was also in really bad pain for large portions of this trip that allowed me to not be able to walk. So, basically, a lot of it was not enjoyable, but a lot of it was. I really liked seeing the mountains outside of my hotel window every morning.

3. Louisville, Kentucky
Now, this is my grand Southeast adventure. We drove to this conference, and we won a huge award at it.  I, again, loved this trip because of how much time I got to spend with my co-workers and getting to learn more about them. My freshman year, we were all sort of a family, so we hung out all the time. This past year, it was more distant because of the changing dynamics, so this was seriously the best quality time I had with this year’s crew. I loved stopping at random towns to go to gas stations or get IHOP. Also, during this trip I found a new appreciated for Tennessee. It’s beautiful there, and on the way back, we listened to awful oldies country that it was actually good. Wait, maybe that was still in Kentucky, but I’m pretty sure it was Tennessee. Anyway, it was a fantastic road trip, and while I may never take it all the way up to Louisville, I’m definitely visiting Nashville in the not-too-distant future. But more about Louisville: It reminded me of cities in Florida in that there’s nothing much to do downtown. We also stayed in a hotel far away from the conference, so we weren’t really keen on hanging out downtown, anyway. One of my favorite parts about Louisville, though, is that it’s a city on a river, and right across the river is Indiana. I never got to go over the bridge that connects to two places, but if there’s ever a next time, I’d really like to do that.


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