Music Boxes

In BEDA 2011 on April 12, 2011 at 10:36 pm

My friend An told me that she had a glorious surprise for me, and for the longest time, I was pretty nervous about what it could be.

She said she had to drop it off and that she had to be gone while I opened it up. She really talked it up, and I eagerly awaited my gift.

Yesterday, I saw her while hanging out with Lizzie after our classes finished, and we made plans for her to drop it off to me today at the office.

And she did.

She told me we’d have to go somewhere where we could be loudish, so we settled on sitting outside, but I found that to be an awkward place. Luckily, we found a nice stop upstairs, and she began setting the scene.

She was wearing a Tokyo Police Club shirt, our favorite band, so I figured the gift would be Tokyo Police Club-related; I mean, how could it not?

She got out her iPhone, and I noticed that she selected a Tokyo Police Club track, but I was still unsure where this was all going.

I wasn’t allowed to touch the box, wrapped in brown paper wrap and with a red string around it.

I heard the first bars of “Hands Reversed,” and I knew it’d be a cool gift. But I must say I wasn’t expecting that to be the song of choice.

She took out a couple of cue cards and the first one read, “An Presents.”

When the lyrics “Made of paper and glue/ You’re a Rubik’s cube” came up, she pulled out a large and a tiny paper mock-up of a Rubik’s cube.

That’s when I knew this would be a most excellent present.

Next, she pulled out two tin cans for the lyrics “‘You can buy ’em in cans/ Tin cans.”

At this point I was super surprised.

I want to encourage you all to listen to the song, but I also got a suitcase full of “sand” and two very pricey bills.

I decided that this should be called music boxes, and that it’s something that others should do and pass on to their friends.

It was definitely a fun sort of spontaneous present, and it was very crafty and handmade, so of course I loved it.

I really appreciate friends who can do really fun and unique things like this that reinforce why I absolutely fancy all the people that surround me.

I think I want to do something like this at LeakyCon, and VidCon already has its own box plans … but that’s not to be announced for a little while.

  1. Incredibly awesome 🙂 It’s cool to get a present like that for birthday or something but when it’s spontaneously it’s even more amazing.

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