Some YouTube-related thoughts

In BEDA 2011 on April 7, 2011 at 10:14 pm

I lied in my blog yesterday. I didn’t hang up the new poster I won last night until a couple of hours ago.

I am perfectly happy with it.

Yay for awkward blog introductions.

I know I talk about YouTube a lot, but it is a large part of my life, and I’d say most of the friends to whom I actually talk either make videos or are aware that I make them.

With YouTube, there’s a sense of levels of YouTubers, and while I think a lot of people make this seem like a negative thing, to me, it’s such a positive and beautiful thing.

A lot of people like to bunch people into groups, like I touched on a couple days ago, to help them make sense of things and to allow them to categorize things easier.

The same goes with YouTube. I’ve had a lot of friends talk to me about thinking I was in one “group” and then later thought I was in another “group,” when in reality, I’ve never fit into one group because not everyone in a particular group likes you, and often times, I’m not close with everyone in a certain group.

That said, I do believe that there are general groups with similar-subscriber-count people who often collaborate, interactive and plug one another — all of this is amazing.

I’m noticing now that there’s been a small and growing group of Nerdfighters with about 100 subscribers, who, maybe a year ago, didn’t make videos and looked up to people with whom I’m friends.

Now, it’s so cool because they’re their own inspirations and influences, but they keep the bigger guys around for old times sake. And that’s the truth for me.

While I may not subscribe to everyone who was a part of a rather large group of YouTubers who made videos in 2008, I’ve stuck with a lot of them since I started in 2009. And while a lot of them have moved on to different pursuits and hobbies, a few of them pop in from time to time to fill us in on their lives, whathaveyou.

For me, while I went and found different people to whom I look up, it’s still fun to watch those guys who set the precedent of what I do now.

All of this said, I find myself a bit jealous/proud of/happy for the rising community of a couple people who subscribe to me and their friends who all make videos and support one another. It’s so fun to think that, at one time, they didn’t really make videos and thought what I did was cool and decided to stick around.

With a little more exposure, I’m sure they’ll surpass me in no time, and I’ll be subscribed to them and in love with their content.

I think that’s what makes the learning process so wonderful: You have to keep mimicking until you eventually make it your own.

I wanted to make well-edited and original videos because of all the late nights I spent watching videos from Levi, Andrew Bravener, Shawna, mememolly, the works. I always get my vlogging inspiration from Kristina, Hayley and elmify. And in the back of my head, I always think what my closest friends with think of the videos I’m making, and it either pushes or repels me in the direction for that particular video.

What I’m getting at is this: Once you find that community that supports you, you’re going to grow. Not everyone will grow at the same rates, and the highest-subscribed won’t be the most well-respected. But it will happen, and it will be fantastic.

I’ve been a large espouser of the rule that people on YouTube have heydays for about a year in which their content is on-point. I think my best videos were on my webcam back in 2009 and early 2010. Of course I’ve made videos of which I’m proud since then, but I absolutely loved the raw feeling of only having a small group of friends who watched your videos, rather than the nerve-racking pressure of trying to make the most original thing in someone’s subscription box.

All right, I think this is the inappropriate outlet to let all of my opinions on YouTube-related things to go, but there’s been so much discussion about YouTube lately on YouTube that I couldn’t help but blog a sub-kind-of-related-topic to that. I’m sure I can flesh out my thoughts another day when it’s not late, and when I am not under a post-a-blog-every-day schedule.

This is probably the last time I can remind you of this: http://dft.ba/-iw2


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