Just a Little Late

In BEDA 2011 on April 7, 2011 at 12:09 am

Today’s post comes from you with a starting time of midnight.

Tonight, I went to a screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I with Rhianna and her sister, Melissa.

We were excited because the team that put on the event prepared butterbeer for our enjoyment. I totally enjoyed it.

We entertained ourselves throughout the night with a live tweet projection, and so many of our fellow audience members participated in the fun. Things got a little inappropriate, and the staff quickly deleted those tweets.

However, some of mine received a lot of popularity, which was nice.

I had a slice of Hawaiian pizza and played a little trivia. Rhianna won a bag of Hogwarts professors SillyBandz, and I won a Harry poster from the seventh film. I’m excited to tack it to my wall, even though it won’t be up for too much longer.

This was my third time seeing the film, and I definitely still consider it my favorite Potter film. This time I noticed more of the handheld camera usage that I disregarded in my previous two viewings, but I still didn’t see them as overabundant.

Too each his or her own, I s’pose.

I still felt said at Dean Thomas’ absence, since you all know he’s my favorite character — well, partially ironically so. I was again ashamed Bonnie Wright will never live up to book Ginny, but I still hold firm that she is a just fine movie adaption of her.

I also have no problems with Narcissa’s hair, and Helena Bonham-Carter’s performance still impressed me.

I love David Yates’ style of directing the Potter films and how he incorporates so much from Cuaron and Newell. It’s a shame this series is ending, but I love dearly all the memories I have surrounding it.

Maybe a year from now, I won’t care about Harry Potter as much as I did when I was in sixth grade, but I still want to revel in these last couple of months because, after that, I think the magic would have flown into and take up residence in my heart … just like Ron’s ball of light.


I haven’t talked about this online in a couple of days: http://dft.ba/-iw2


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