I actually went outside today

In BEDA 2011 on April 3, 2011 at 6:13 pm

When I was younger, I used to love blogging because I had so many melodramatic emotions and because I could recount the day, school period at a time.

I began thinking blogging as a harder task when summer would roll around, and then life became really involved, so I generally didn’t have time to blog.

It’s interesting because over the years, I’ve swapped my refreshing of Leaky or Mugglenet to refreshing of Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. It’s not that I spend less time on the Internet, it’s just that my time is spread out over different websites than when I used to glue my eyes to the screen for hours at a time.

Not that I don’t do that nowadays.

But all of this said, today, I took some time away from the computer screen — for which I am thankful. I’ve been stressing out about the contest, and it’s the main thing my friends and I have discussed lately.

Lizzie picked me up, and we headed down to an art museum because she had to a write up or something for homework. We met our friend Rhianna there and saw her as we were walking toward the entrance. Perfect timing.

We perused through the museum for a bit, looking at different paintings and some sculptures, and we even took time to browse around through its outside compartment.

After, Rhianna headed home to study about LEAVES because she’s in science classes, and that’s what they do — but props to her, she pointed out to Lizzie and me the differences between monocots and dicots and other various plant-related things.

We settled on Mini’s Cafe for lunch/early dinner, and while I’m not one to usually blog about food — unless it is sandwiches — I have to tell you all about the delicious meal we had.

We started off with waters, but with the waters, came the bread tray. The restaurant prepares its baked good freshly every day (I’m assuming), and we had one sourdough piece, two slices of carrot-raisin bread and two slices of banana nut bread.

All the different breads with the really nice butter melted upon saying, “Hello!” to my taste buds. I think they became buds. No, they did.

Anyway, we decided to split our entrees — Lizzie ordered a cheeseburger, and I ordered the four-cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

Now, I didn’t know I’d be blogging on the meal, or else I would have written down exactly what cheeses were in it, but it was so good. I gave her a half of my sandwich, and she gave me a half of hers. Sandwich food blog: satisfied.

Also, we had delicious fries. And it cost us less than $10.

Always order water.


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