In BEDA 2011 on April 2, 2011 at 5:44 pm

I feel like this is the beginning to some “The Hunger Games” chapter.

But, my readers, I am a semifinalist for that contest I mentioned yesterday. Here’s the link to vote, if you are so inclined to do so: http://dft.ba/-iw2. I’ll be annoyingly leaving the link daily until April 8.

OK, I’ve just bounced around the Internet and my room preparing everything and daydreaming about what will happen if I win. To be a bit critical, I know the YouTube NextUp competition winners earn $35k each, but there needs to be an emphasis on the Creator Institute semifinalists, as well!

I think it will be fun to see when everything is announced and all of the big people say, “Oh, yeah, there was a second competition going on, too! Congrats to those guys.”

That said, I took the time today to vote for people whose content I enjoy and who I would honestly love seeing win the YouTube NextUp portion: Raquel, Kayley, Robyn, Alex, Meghan, Jimmy, Luke, Kaleb and Shawna all produce must-watch content on which I click weekly.

In my category, YouTube selected four other video-makers in my community. I would love it if I had the opportunity to make videos with Gretchen, Bud, Exal and Sid this summer.

I guess my blog is the place wherein I can confide, speak honestly and say whether I have a shot at this or not. I’m not good at boasting or whatever, but I’m optimistic that if we pull together and have everyone vote for those whose content they enjoy in our small Nerdfighter-y community, we could come out on top.

I’m honored that I’m in the likes of Bud, who also makes wonderful English language-related videos; Gretchen, whose content people I admire such as Emily and Craig Benzine watch; Sid, who’s the best friend and first YouTube friend of my best friend, Lizzie; and Exal, whose animation skills never cease to impress his viewers.

I know it’s weird taking something that’s a hobby and something that’s fun such as YouTube and turning it in to something where some people could seriously change their lives; Kayley has said she’ll donate some of her money to nonprofit Save the Children, and I think that’s just remarkable.

But I think it’s important to note that in the recent years, months, what have you, we’ve known that YouTube is expanding, that people are doing really interesting things with it and that it’d be sad to not involve ourselves with the change.

If I win, I’d love make content that is worthy of partnership, and I’d use the money from being a partner to go visit some of my friends who I’ve never met before (and who I won’t see this summer) and make videos with them.

I’m so thankful the competition in which I’ve become a semifinalist doesn’t really concern itself with money because I’d hate to answer what I’d do with it. But, if I were a partner, had entered that contest and had won, I’d probably save a lot of that money for future endeavors (the rest of college) and use the rest to travel to places where my friends live to make videos with them. And not just one-time videos, but I’d like to stay for a while and make an actual four-to-five-part web series.

Alas, that’s not the one for which I’m entered, but it’s fun to play pretend, anyway.

It’s awesome that this competition is coming at the same time BEDA is. It’ll be interesting to document my anxieties about the contest to my blog readers. In any case, if you’d like to provide any suggestions as to how I can get the word out without being annoying or overbearing, please leave that in the comments.

I can’t wait to talk to you all tomorrow!

  1. It’s not annoying. Or maybe a nice kind of annoying. So definitely put links, otherwise I might forget and I will be very glad to vote for you!
    Speaking of contests, I’m considering entering Robyn’s. I don’t have time but I just am too enthusiastic about things like that!

  2. I’ve also made it to Round 2 and need your help to make it to Round 3 of the contest to attend the Youtube Creator’s Institute. It takes 30 seconds of your time to give me a thumbs up and change my life forever!! Please vote for me, too! http://www.youtube.com/creators?x=creatorinstitute_7iKJuSuwwCk

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