Pre-BEDA musings

In BEDA 2011 on March 30, 2011 at 5:07 pm

In my late-night daze this morning, I failed to realize that the first day of BEDA isn’t until Friday. I wanted it to be tomorrow: Thursday.

After I posted that bit earlier, I noticed that this theme publishes entire blog posts instead of summaries. Hopefully I can work this out over the course of the month because it might look too intimidating to have, you know, potentially thousand-word blogposts streched down a whole page.

But maybe that’s fine for some people.

Today I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be blogging this month, and while I definitely think I am pretty good at lifecasting — in my formative blogging years, I wrote about my daily life and the people that upset me — but I think that time period of online ranting is over for me.

So, instead, I’ll probably be doing a lot of what I do on my YouTube channel, which is drawn-out explanations of different ideas in language or society or in “online culture” — a little joke between those who watched my January videos and I — and we can all see where that takes us.

As for right now, I have no idea how many words I’ll be writing per day, but I’m looking at this WordPress wordcounter, and I’m thinking it’s fairly inaccurate. It takes a while to catch up.

Anyway, I hope the first bit of microblogging — see what I failed to do there? — in these pre-BEDA days gears me up for some longer discussions of weirder things that cross my mind.

Or maybe just long rants about my day and links to every YouTube video and tweet that I found funny.


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